Travelling To Mumbai? Hop On A Ferry From Thane, Navi Mumbai To South Mumbai

Ferry From Thane, Navi Mumbai To South Mumbai

For all those who loathe travelling in the Mumbai Local, here’s some good news for you! So, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation will soon be launching two new boats/ferries services to South Mumbai.

In fact, last year the Mumbai Maritime Board shared a no objection certificate with NMMC. And if reports are to be believed, then the entire set up at Vashi and CBD Belapur will kick off from June!! NAIICEEEEEE!

Additionally, NMMC revealed that the fleet of ferries will also include two air-conditioned boats. Also, reports suggest that the ferry service will cut vehicular traffic by 20%. And lead to 42% reduction in pollution levels as compared to road travel on the same stretch.

Thane Municipal Corporation has its sights set on two new routes for the Thane-Mumbai ferry:

  • Thane- Kalwa-Airoli-Vashi-Trombay-Elephanta-Ferry Warf-Gateway of India
  • Thane-Vashi-Nerul-Belapur

So, as the service kicks off in the month of June, if you’re travelling to Mumbai around that time, don’t forget to check it out!

You can read more about this here.

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