Top 5 Places In Delhi To Have The Best Parathas!

It isn’t a secret that Paratha is every Delhiites staple breakfast. One hot, steaming paratha, filled with stuffing, and dripping with butter and we are good for the day!

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Be it with gobhi, aloo, matar, or keema, we love parathas in all its avatars. And since it is not easy for us to make a different paratha every day in time for breakfast, we have curated a list of Top 5 places in Delhi to have the best parathas.

Parathe Wali Gali
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This place is not a secret. Paratha lovers from all over India dream of visiting this paratha haven! Set in a narrow lane off the main market of Chandni Chowk, it houses four eateries that are solely dedicated to parathas and make them in over 50 varieties. Starting from INR 130 they serve unique parathas like Broccoli Cheese Parathas, Mushroom Carrot parathas, and chilly parathas!

Kakke Di Hatti
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Located in the Old Delhi spice market in Khari Baoli, this dhaba is best known for its naan-like stuffed parathas. Using water as a base instead of oil the parathas are cooked in a tandoor instead of being fried. True to their healthier ingredients, the parathas at Kake di Hatti are lighter than those found in the rest of the city.

Not Just Parathas
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This Rajouri Garden outlet has got parathas that can give parathe wali gali a run for its money! Get ready to feast on a crazy variety of parathas and be spoilt for choice with mind-blowing options like cheese, mirchi, broccoli mushroom and a whole LOT of others on the menu! They also offer a variety of other dishes too like Dal Makhani, Chicken Khurchan, Dahi ke Kebab and so on!

Moolchand Parathe Wala
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Open until 1 am to satisfy you late night paratha cravings, this is the place to head to when hunger pangs strike after a night of partying. Moolchand Parathe Wala serves its popular egg and potato parathas with a trademark garnish of fried chillies and chaat masala, accompanied by a simple raita.

Chittaranjan Park Market
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This place is best known for dishing out the world’s tastiest Mughlai parathas. These parathas are stuffed with shreds of chicken and layered with maida and egg! The first bite is sure to send you into a food induced coma!

Go diggin!

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