Top 5 Places In GTB Nagar For Ravishing Waffles You Can’t Ignore!

You know what gets us out of bed these days? A warm, fuzzy plate of waffles!! And if you’re just as excited about this as we are, then hold on to something real tight.

I. The Belgian Waffle Co

Where | GTB Nagar

Price For Two | INR 400

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The Belgian Waffle Co. has finally opened an outlet in GTB Nagar!! [wheeeeeee!!!]

So, you can get your hands on Honey ButterBelgium Chocolate [more like a waffle burger with choco in between] & Dark and White Fantasy!! <3 Pretty fancy, right? Also, grab hold of their Bubblegum VelvetRed VelvetSamurai Salted Caramel & Coffee Waffles!

II. Waffology

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Where | 2528, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane

Price For Two | INR 400

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You know, it’s like they said, a waffle a day keeps the doctor away! And since nobody said anything about a dentist, why not head here every day? Wafflogy has an impressive and extensive collection of waffles. Both warm and fuzzy, you can try their – Dark Chocolate, Nutella Brownie, Milk Chocolate, Banana Toffee & more!

III. Waffle Nation

Photo Courtesy | SahajPreet Singh

Where | G24AB, Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar

Price For Two | INR 250

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Probably one of the cheapest places in Delhi to hog on waffles, Waffle Nation is an absolute thunderous affair! They also offer various other kinds of waffles startin’ INR 80! This along with a plate of their Cheesy Fries & Kit Kat Break Shake – welcome to THE DESSERT HEAVEN!

IV. The Waffle Co

Photo Courtesy | Bakshish Sethi

Where | G-24, Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar

Price For Two | INR 300

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Who can say no to waffles when they’re entirely dunked in brownies? Well, for all the sweet tooth junkies out there, The Waffle Co is heaven where fantasies DEFO come true! And guess what? These guys offer sugary things like – Oreo, Nutella, All White & Peanut Butter!

V. Raw Creams

Photo Courtesy | Harsha

Where | 2509, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane

Price For Two | INR 250

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Raw Creams in Hudson Lane is not just the king of rolled ice cream. These guys also dish out some really creamy, warm & fuzzy waffles. From Kit Kat, Roasted Almond, Ferrero, El-Classico and more – these guys know exactly what we love to eat!

Cover Image Courtesy | The Belgian Waffle Co

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