Top-5 Fashion Brands From Shark Tank India We Want You To Notice

Know It All In 30 Seconds

This season of Shark Tank gave us many new & interesting products to rely upon and there is something for everyone. So, here we are saying hello to all the fashion heads out there to tell them what is there for them!


1. UrbanMonkey

This hype beast fashion brand showed up at Shark Tank and has hit our hearts directly. We want you to buy this drip right now!

Website: Urban Monkey


2. Twee In One

Sustainable and reversible fashion for you to slay it on 2 occasions in just one cloth is something that we can’t get enough of!



3. Farda Clothing

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Farda is an Urdu word that means “Tomorrow” and this is the fashion of tomorrow for the boys and girls that slay in ’em streets.



4. Ethnik

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Sustainable and Vegan fashion to you to slay without the guilt of you harming the environment. LIVE LEATHER-FREE!



5. Heart Up My Sleeves

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Don’t let your dresses make you look monotonous, this brand is selling you exclusive sleeves to mix and match with the dresses you already have!

Website: Heart Up My Sleeves


Bottom Line

Go and check out these small brands to make them the biggest names!

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