Top-5 Books That Celebrate The Spirit Of Delhi

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Delhi and literature are synonymous to each and other nothing is better than these pieces of literature that explins Delhi this good!

City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

This book is a compilation account of meeting assorted Delhi Wallahs including Sufis, eunuchs, Persian scholars and an Englishwoman who saw Delhi becoming what it is today.

Author: William Dalrymple


City Improbable: An Anthology of Writings on Delhi

This is a compilation of contributed articles on history and social life in Delhi by residents, refugees, travellers and invaders who have engaged with the city at various moments.

Author: Kushwant Singh


Delhi By Heart

This book is a sensitive yet a beautifully written account of the discover y of Delhi by a Pakistani traveler. This book beautifully explains about how a Pakistani visits a foreign country that feels like his own.

Author: Raza Rumi


A City Happens In Love (Ishq Mein Shahar Hona)

Delhi is the home to many people from all across India and this book is the perfect commentary about that. This book was originally written in Hindi and goes by the name ‘Ishq Mein Shahar Hona’.

Author: Ravish Kumar (Translated by Akhil Katyal)


Perpetual City: A Short Biography of Delhi

As William Dalrymple puts it, this book is “A heartfelt love letter to Delhi”. This is the celebration of Delhi’s rich history, culture, food, and it’s music.

Author: Malvika Singh


Bottom Line

Let’s celebrate Delhi through the most celebrated medium of Delhi.

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