Top-10 Cloud Kitchens In Delhi Delivering The Best North Indian Comfort Food

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We the proud Delhiites are proud because we’ve got one of the finest food palettes in the world to bite upon. Celebrating which, here are 10 cloud kitchens for you to satiate your cravings for your comfort food from the comfort of your homes.


1. Madame Curry

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Madame Curry is delivering the best fusion of your comfort and fancy dishes for you to unleash the foodie in you.


2. Butter Delivery

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Butter Delivery is proudly delivering traditional, hearty and comforting Indian meals so you don’t have to face the FOMO of missing out on the best Butter Chicken in town.

3. Pitaar̥a Kitchen's%20Shaadi%20Paneer.jpg/:/rs=w:984,h:656%5C

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Pitaara Kitchen is the perfect cloud kitchen for you if you wanna tweak the rules of having your comfort food in a lavish way.


4. CurryNama

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CurryNama is a flabbergasting venture by the Seven Seas group that brings the right comforting food rightly to your doorstep.


5. Masala Story

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Masala Story is the OG Kitchen delivering the OG Indian Meals to you. Get ready to add a masala punch to your favourite meals.


6. PotPot-YumYum

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This funny-sounding cloud kitchen is serving everything from savoury snacks to fulfilling meals, everything inside a pot that will make you go YumYum.


7. Biryani By Kilo

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This is one of the biggest cloud-kitchen in India and for a reason. This is the best one of the best Biryani Kitchen in India to date.


8. Nawab Ke Kebab

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Nawab ke Kebab is a matter of pride for us as it serves the best flavours from Purani Dilli to literally every doorstep of India.


9. Yours Truly Butter Chicken

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Yours Truly Butter Chicken is truly the mecca for butter chicken and when you can enjoy one relaxing at your home, it should be called better chicken.


10. Indian Splendid

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Indian Splendid is a splendid Indian kitchen that brings you the best of India on a plate ranging from Kebabs to Curries, everything curated specially by world-famous Indian Chef Dr Izzat Husain.


Bottom Line

Get ready to get the spirit of North India right at your doorstep.


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