To All Those Ladies Who Love To Travel Solo, These 5 Safest Destination Should Be Next On Your List

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Solo trips are meant so that travelers can understand how freedom feels, how self-reliance feels, and how does it feel to be independent. And when it comes to women, this becomes an essential thing. So, without lecturing you all with the situation of women in India and its history, these are the 5 destinations that are safe for you all ladies out there and you can go for a solo trip anytime!


1. Pondicherry

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Pondicherry or Pudducherry is a colorful city having quaint houses, good eating places, and clean beaches. Solo lady travelers who are finding their next place to explore can come here and indulge in its decency and clean air!


2. Munnar

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Munnar is another beautiful place situated in Kerala, full of houses with vibrant colours and a scenic environment with greenery all around with hills and clean air. Just take your DSLR with you and the place is ready to shoot with some gorgeous scenes.


3. Ladakh

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Whenever you hear Ladakh, the first thing which comes in your mind surely be a white hill, terrain, and a Royal Enfield with you, right? And like the beauty of this place, so is the people and locals here who don’t bother travelers much and charge extra for any commodity, which makes this another safe yet exciting and adventurous place for her!


4. Gangtok

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For the love of mountains, this place can be on your list and if you’re a solo female traveler then this one place can be good to go for you. Small eateries serving local food, including our Delhiites most lovable momos. So pack some warm clothes and visit this place for a different experience.


5. Rishikesh

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Talking about Rishikesh, the place have several ‘only-women hostels’ where you can meet other women from different culture and places. Other than that, you know right why Rishikesh is that famous, rafting, zip-line, bungee jumping, and everything related to adventure sports!


Bottom Line

Women go in style, go independently with just fun and no fear!


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