Heat Wave Posing Too Fatal! These 10 Tips And Tricks Will Help You Scrape Through The Hot Days Of Delhi

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Mercury in Delhi is soaring at a skyrocketing rate, with temperatures in certain places shooting up to nearly 47°C. Taking a respite from these sweltering summer days is becoming a real challenge for the Delhiites. Here are a few tips and tricks to shrug off the scorching heat and sustain through the sultry summers of Delhi.

1. Stay Hydrated

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It’s quintessential in this blazing summer to gulp down as much water as possible, even when you aren’t thirsty. Don’t let the blistering summer loo leave you dehydrated.

2. Make Juices and Shakes Your Bosom Buddies

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Drink lassis, buttermilk, coconut water, rice water, watermelon juice, aam panna, lemon water, kokum sharbat, etc. as often as possible. These juices will keep your body cool and hydrated from within.

3. Munch A Good Amount of H2O-Rich Fruits and Veggies

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Include a wholesome amount of mangoes, watermelons, papayas, pumpkins and other water-rich fruits and vegetables in your summer diet.

4. Stick to Cotton Clothes

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Update your summer fashion with attires that are comfy and loose-fitting. Try to wear soothing colours that absorb less heat.

5. Do Not Expose Your Skin to the Heat

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Apply a good sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Cover your face and head with a scarf or a cotton dupatta. Heatwave can be fatal for your skin, leading to problems like tanning, sunburns, rashes and many more.

6. Avoid Too Much of Junkies

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Junkies can be detrimental for our digestive system in this sultry summer. It’s wise to keep too much of junkies at bay this season.

7. Say No to Alcohol

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Alcohol raises the heat levels inside our bodies, the very reason why they should be avoided this summer.

8. Make it Mandatory to Carry An Umbrella

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It’s always advisable to walk under some shade to defy the fiery heat. Take an umbrella and a sunglass whenever you are going out.

9. Don’t Overexercise

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If you are hitting the gym this summer or performing yoga, ensure to work out as much as your body can take. Too much of workout can make you sick in these high temperatures.

10. Keep a Check on Daily Weather Forecasts

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Keep yourself updated on the local weather reports through newspaper, T.V., phone, radio, etc. so that you can plan the activities of the day accordingly.

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