Buy Tickets At ₹100 For Tea And Food Festival And Indulge Without Guilt

One thing sure about Dilli wallas is their love for Chai and all things LOVE. So, if you are that person who can’t/wouldn’t say no to chai then this Tea And Food Festival is where you should be.

What To Expect?

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Imagine how amazing an experience it could be when tea and food come together to be celebrated. The festival has a myriad of tea stalls, working stations, tea carts, brands like and unique cafes like Hameen Asto serving Kashmiri tea and food and Red Kettle to take you on a tea ride.

What You’ll Love?

You’re absolutely going to love everything about the festival. There’s fusion music to soothe your mood while you sip tea of every kind with lip-smacking food varieties. And, you can totally get your kids along as there are special games for your little ones. Imagine all this fun in just 100 bucks? Ain’t that incredible!

Bottom Line

You’re getting to celebrate ‘Dilli Ki Sardi’ in the best possible way and all that in just 100₹ and you just have to attend it.

When I 12th January – 13th January 2019

Where I Ansal Plaza, Amphitheatre, Agust Kranti Marg, South Ex, Delhi.

Tickets I Book Here

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