This Winter, Get Ready For The Perfect Sarojini Haul You’ve Always Needed With This Guide!

Know It All in 30 Seconds

Sarojini is heaven for everyone wanting to look all fashion without having to spend half their budget on high-tier brands – but it is a confusing, crowded, hazy place. Having an eagle eye, looking for that perfect piece in that incredible price through that heavy crowd, navigating through Sarojini sure feels like being in a legit thriller. Don’t worry, we hear you! These 5 shops will sure make your winter wardrobe is less of a pain, more of a smooth dream.

The Graffiti Lane Has Coats To Warm You Right Up

This ones a famous one – a winter essential. Oh, and Boys? you’ll find some pretty great overcoats here too, give it a try!

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Shop Number 198 for Fuzzy Sweaters

Warm Teddy Sweaters, Trendy Oversized ones – This place has it all.

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The Sweater Stall Opposite to Big C is Cool Too!

Want to hop on the Vintage Trend? This little stall has the cutest collection of vintage sweater.

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The Under 100 Treasures!

The big yellow boards and the man adjacent will scream at the top their voices, pretty sure you won’t miss it. To get fill your wardrobe with mere 50 Bucks, visit on a Monday.

Tip | Make sure you look through well, check the chosen piece carefully and Voila!

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Silver Jewellery at Most Shops!

Often priced as low as Rs. 20, these little shops are EVERYWHERE.

Tip | Do not stop at the first shop, wander a bit and buy more than one for a lower price. Patience is the key!

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Bottom Line

Do not forget a big, sturdy bag to carry your winter Sarojini haul home!

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