This Virtual Experience At The IGI Airport Is Sure To Make Your Waiting A Lot More Fun

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Airports are like portals to places that you want to visit, not literally! As much fun as it is to travel and embrace the diversity on a journey and at the airport, the waiting can be exhausting. So, this is what we’ve got for you, great news! IGI Airport now has a solution and it’s the perfect thing, ‘a virtual reality dome’.

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What To Expect?

There’s literally a lot of places that you can be at, with this amazing virtual reality dome. You get to experience a roller coaster, an urban landscape, ice age, and many other scenic views through it! This dome has been set up at the domestic departures pier of Terminal-3. It is about five meters in diameter and can accommodate around 8 people at a time.

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What You’ll Love?

The great part is that everything is being done in consideration of the pandemic! The seats inside, are sanitized and users cover their shoes when they enter. They have 360-degree virtual reality and curved-screens for a life-like experience! This initiative is a lot fun and a lot less exhausting for passengers. It is also the first virtual reality dome in the world!

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Bottom Line

IGI Airport welcomes you for another journey, full of magic-like experiences!

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