This Trail Run Is Everything A Nature Loving Fitness Freak Could Ask For!

When | 11th March

When | Pathways World School, Aravalli Retreat, Gurugram

Timings | 5:30 am onwards

Columbia Sportswear is organising their Annual Trail Run on March 11th and it is everything a fitness freak or a nature lover could ask for!

The aim of this trail run is to introduce people to the outdoors, encourage them to choose trails over treadmills and create new experiences for runners in the outdoors.

The run would be conducted in partnership with Coach Ravinder Singh, one of the best running coaches across the country.

Running enthusiasts will be given an opportunity to experience the tough, scenic, and virgin trail in Aravalis. The trail run would have 5 categories of which are the 7 Km run, 14 Km run, 21km along and 4 and 7 Km Walkathon.

The run will not only ring the runners closer to nature but also paves the way to get out of the concrete jungle and the hustle-bustle of city life.

So, register today before the time runs out to avail this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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