This Three-Day Art Workshop Happening In Delhi Is An Art Lover’s Paradise!

This Three-Day Art Workshop Will Be An Art Lover's Paradise!
When | 9th – 11th March
There is no better way to express than by art. Each and every colour, stroke, or method used expresses a different emotion that the artist might be going through.
The Art Ghar is an organization from Jaipur that curates art workshops in different parts of the country, and this time after a successful event last year, it is organizing a three day Art event in Delhi!
The idea of organizing this workshop is to help people explore their interests, fight with their fear to try art, have guidance from the experts, and promote the arts.
The three-day event will open on March 9th at Kunzum Cafe in Hauz Khas. The idea would be to Think free! Paint free! Feel free! It is going to be ‘Free Art Day’ to explore the artist within you. An event for those who want to run wild and free in the depths of their imagination.

The event would be free of charge where a bunch of people meet at a cafe in a mood to spend some time in the world of art. All the materials will be made available at the cafe.

The second day would feature the ‘Mandala Art Workshop’, at the Lama Kitchen in HKV. At this workshop, the participants will learn what mandalas are, and how to draw them for self-expression and self-exploration.

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Making a Mandala relieves stress & anxiety & is also a fun thing to learn!

Later the day would witness a Coffee Art Workshop with the really talented Coffee & Charcoal artist, Gunjan Daga at the RE:cycle Cafe in Hauz Khas.

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The three-day art extravaganza would come to an end with a charcoal workshop at the RE:cycle cafe. This two-hour workshop on charcoal art will also be conducted by Gunjan Daga. At the workshop will get a chance to learn a basic charcoal art sketch. It will also include a brief about various types of charcoals used for sketching along with the methods and techniques of using charcoal.

Bet you it is going to be much more fun than it sounds already!

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