This Sweet Shop In Kamla Nagar Has A Lot To Offer Than What Meets The Eye!

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If you’re a fan of desi street food and try some of the authentic UP styled food then head over to Gopal Sweets situated in Kamla Nagar. The place is not only famous for their delicious Bedmi Poori but also offers one of the biggest bread pakodas of Delhi which you should try once.

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What To Expect

The place is very well versed in the mind of people of Kamla Nagar who love bedmi poori, kachori, and a glass of lassi, in short, who love to start their Sunday morning with something spicy and street-styled!

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What You’ll Love

Their biggest Paneer Bread Pakoda that is said to be Delhi’s Biggest is priced at just Rs. 30, which you shall not find the same anywhere nearby. The place is good enough to bring your family together for a breakfast. People there make everything fresh and you won’t be complaining about it.


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Bottom Line

So you’re heading over to Kamla Nagar this Sunday right?


Where | Kamla Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)

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