This Summer Stay In An Igloo & 3 Snowy Getaway For Under 5,000!


Delhi winters didn’t last too long this time, in fact the heat has gone up in such a you that its really getting JUST TOO HOT! So, chill out at these hill stations just a few hours drive away from DELHI

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  • #REDALERT! The places listed below are holiday destinations that are suitable for only the brave hearts who dare to challenge winter at its epic best!
  • The hill stations listed are close to Delhi, therefore, can be reached in a few hours time by road or train! So, without further ado, here are the places we’ve chalked out for you!

I. Manali Igloo Stay, Manali

We all dreamt of the day Igloo would become a reality in India along with the winters that – evidently – Delhi missed out on! Well that childhood dream of living in an Igloo is finally here to stay! Manali Igloo Stay offers guests a chance to live in ice cold Igloos that will turn down the temperature in the bed, & yet keep its occupants snuggling for more! Since its inception, the brand, has grown toward building a loyal fan base. In fact, a single night here can cost as low as INR 5000! And the best part? With a couple of extra bucks, you can not just stay in an Igloo but also revel in the adventure sports the packages have to offer. Which means that skiing, tube sliding, sledge sliding & building your own freakin’ Igloo! Cool eh?


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II. Shinura Nature Retreat, Dehradun

Shinura Nature Retreat is an ideal winter getaway if the Delhi winters disappointed you to the core! Located in the quaint hills of Dehradun, this place is often referred to as god’s own retreat by patrons & tourists galore! So, did Christmas come early? We think so! Nestled in the outskirts of Dehradun, Shinura Nature Retreat, is situated amidst the beautiful Jamniwala Hills. Guests will not just get the chance to be hosted by a mesmerising panoramic view of the hills, but also feel the gentle touch of the cold air on their cheeks! Besides, guests can also trek in the nearby hills, gape at beautiful mountain birds & have a picnic on the river bank with friends & family! Further, if you get bored of the view & feel like doing something crazy, head for paragliding at Shinura Nature Retreat.


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III. Camp Oak View, Bir Billing

Travelling to a new place almost always requires you to walk, talk & live in hotels near to hills that provide good rooms @ cheap prices! Why? Because how else can a person truly understand & appreciate the beauty of the place, the local culture & traditions?! Well, Camp Oak View in Bir Billing does just that, but of course with certain tweaks to warm the soul! The Camp has 5 Bell Tents & 6 separate washrooms to keep things hygienic & well equipped! In fact, while here you can also participate in Paragliding with the mountain birds, clouds & everything #hills! And the best part? The camp offers guests to live & interact with locals, bike around in the Bir Billing Valley & taste some local flavors. The food here is cooked by a local, that almost always makes you wanna steal his recipe books!

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IV. Ayar Jungle Camp, Nainital

If you love Nainital, you’re going to love this sweet spot we found for ya’ll! The camp is nestled in the green-white backdrop of the serene mountains of Nainital. Ayar Jungle Camp lives up to its name with the camp situated bang in the middle of a tree valley! A peaceful, quaint, yet ever so engaging environment of the camping site will keep you warm, dancing & gaping for more! The camp is situated in a tree valley that is the perfect destination for all those who love the pristine beauty of the mountains! Of course, living in such high altitudes has its downside – no mobile connectivity! But that’s the entire point of rushing to the mountains, isn’t it? Getting away from all the hulaballoo of the city life! The camp also provides guests with daily bonfire, pet friendly zones, barbecue, high speed internet & 24/7 doctor on call!

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So, don’t just sit there, if you really are missing the Delhi winters & would much rather stay in a hill station for a while, head to these places!

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