This Summer Get The Best Cold Coffees At These 7 Places In Delhi!

This summer get the best cold coffees at these 7 places in Delhi!

The heat is rising and we’re looking for ways to keep cool. Whenever there is a mention of cold coffee we automatically start thinking about the effort that is making it in a bottle or a shaker!

But, we want our cold coffee without having to make too much of an effort.

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For that you have us! We’ve got a huge list of places where you can get your caffeine fix while keeping cool with cold coffee in Delhi!

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Their cold coffee is legendary. They’ve been making cold coffee since years, and have only bettered with time. They’re available in a bunch of flavours but their Vanilla Cold Coffee is a must try!

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This pretty café is where we go on date night for their absolutely delicious Iced Latte. They have a Classic Cold Coffee and an Iced Americano too, and you can take your pick depending on how quickly you want to get a caffeine rush.

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They’re one of the oldest brands of milk-based drinks, and we sure are partial when it comes to their Cold Coffee. The best part is that you can take the bottle home! You can head to any of their outlets in the city.

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You can choose from a range of flavours, sizes, and combinations to get the perfect mix. The Iced Vanilla Latte and the Espresso Frappuccino are always the go-to options if you are not into experimenting.

Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe
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Their heart-warming décor along with their Kimberly Cold Coffee is what we go for whenever the heat wave gets too much for us to bear.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
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They’re one of the best in town, and they’ve got some unusual flavours like Chilli, Sea Salt, and Coconut. Keep it simple this summer with their Iced Latte or their Cold Brew Coffee.

Shake Square
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Small, reasonable and best reserved for a quick coffee and snack break, Shake Square is the best place for a student to get their fix. Their Irish Cold Coffee is the yummiest.

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