This Summer, Become The Next CTO – Chief Tasting Officer At Havmor Ice Creams

You know what’s better than hogging on ice creams? If you’re the person who gets to taste and pick the new in line desserts! And Havmor is giving you exactly that chance!

Recently, Havmor came out with a post in which it asked people to send in their biodata for the job of CTO! And no, it’s not Chief Tech Officer or anything like that! It’s Chief Tasting Officer and the offer is just too SWEET to ignore.

So, what will the job entail? Well, as the CTO you will be tasting and inventing new flavours of ice creams. And to apply for the job all you need to do is follow the following 3 steps –

  • Create a video telling Havmor why you deserve this job
  • Submit for review and not profanity
  • And they get to choose the NEXT CTO!

So, do you what it takes to become the next CTO?

Apply for the job here.

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