This Small Shop In Naraina Serves The Spiciest Chole Kulche In Town!

Where | E-195, Naraina Vihar, Naraina

Price For Two | INR 150

Naraina, for some odd reason, has been on people’s radar for a while now! And we’re guessing it’s thanks to Kanshi Ram Chole Kulche Wala – the maker of the spiciest plate of Chole Kulche you’ve ever tasted.

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So, Kanshi Ram in Naraina that he usually runs out of food by 4 pm. Which, of course, means that you should head here by 2, just to get the best of the lot prepared for you! Moreover, what’s really driving us nuts is their addition of dollops of butter and garlic chutney!

Ps. remember to go in your car ’cause there are no more than 2-3 tables!

Cover Image Courtesy | Hungry Forever

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