This Small Shop In Green Park Offers 32 Veg & 15 Non Veg Paranthas Startin’ INR 20

Delhi is full of small shops selling fluffy paranthas. But what makes this one special is not just the headline – 32 veg & 15 non-veg paranthas – it’s also the fact that it opens at 5 AM and closes at midnight! Pretty darn cool, ain’t it?

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Eighteen Paranthe in Yusuf Sarai has seen mixed reviews! Some people claim that their paranthas are an absolute delight and at midnight, it just blows your mind away. In fact, some of our friends say it is the best hangover solution you’ll find near Green Park.

However, others say that the oil used by the cooks here may be of poor quality. But this one particular review has only been repeated maybe twice so, let’s forget about it for now and dive into their paranthas!

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Eighteen Paranthe offers hot paranthas filled with sabzi, aloo, mutton and chicken that makes every mouthful succulent af! In fact, these guys dish out paranthas with a small bowl of mint chutney and it just makes every bite a concert of flavours.

Some of the special paranthas they offer are – Aloo Pyaz, Double Aloo, Khoya, Aloo Anda, Chicken Anda paranthas!

So, the next time you find yourself in need of paranthas when you’re near Green Park metro station, don’t forget about Eighteen Paranthe!

Where | Near Gate 1, Green Park Metro Station, Yusuf Sarai

Price For Two | INR 150

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