This Shooting Range In Delhi Is Worth A Shot To De-Stress This Summer

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Shooting Ranges in Delhi are few but the fun of picking up a rifle and aiming straight for the head is something right out of a carnival! Remember the days when our parents would help us shoot at cans and win goodies?

Well, Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range is no stranger to overexcited people wanting to shoot. In fact, this epic shooting range falls under the aegis of SAI (Sports Authority of India) and offers a Come & Play Scheme. Of course, you need to go through a series of training periods, lest you shoot yourself in the foot. 😛

But jokes apart, the shooting range offers an air-conditioned 10 M range. Which, by the way, can be converted to a 20 & 50 M range in a matter of minutes. In fact, for the people who are already familiar with shooting ranges, this one also offers 6 composite trap & skeet ranges.

Moreover, its –

  • Fully covered 10 m range has 80 firing points.
  • 25 M range has 50 firing points.
  • And 50 M range has 80 firing points

So, the next time you find yourself stressing out over nothing – head down to this shooting range. And hey, maybe put a pic of your ex on the board and go bonkers shooting at it!! 😛

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