This Restaurant in Janpath is Serving Different South Indian Cuisines on Different Days @ Rs. 395 Only!

Know It All in 30 Seconds

Padmanabham, located in Janpath, is a one stop shop for everything South Indian. Their Menu is vast and the ambience is delightful but the best thing about this place is their one of a kind concept of serving traditional South Indian ‘Bhojanams’ of 4 different Southern States through the week!

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What To Expect?

Walking inside the restaurant, it feels like an above average south indian restaurant but the way they serve will transport you – for the traditional experience of Bhojans being served on a banana leaf, you must walk to the end of the restaurant, during their lunch hours. Andhra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu – Padmanabham is basically a train running through all these states on the designated days!

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What You’ll Love?

Their food is as good as it sounds, make sure you check with them about the lunch hours and where to sit, it shall be an experience of the south but right in Delhi! Other than these delicious bhojanams, they serve a lot more – and it doesn’t lack in taste. From Chaats to Pongal – they have everything you’ll expect in a South Indian Restaurant and more!

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Bottom Line

Our lunch plans are sorted, what about yours?

Where | Janpath

Cost For Two | INR 600

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