This Quaint Cottage in Himachal Pradesh is The Getaway You Need From All That City Shor!

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Amidst the beautiful getaway homes of Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh, is Gone Fishing Cottage, “A dream hideaway by the stream”, they describe themselves and we cannot do it better! It is as dreamy as it gets.

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What To Expect?

By the calms of Kalwari Stream, this cottage is everything that you would want from a week of peace – a little cottage that is rustic enough to transcend you to a world away from all the noise with that tiny touch of modernity. Rest assured, you won’t feel a lack of anything here. Perhaps, a weekend here away from the busy crowds, a lost soul will find its home, a writer their words and an artist their calling!

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What You’ll Love?

Heads up for all the dog lovers – they have in-house dogs loved by every visitor! Well, no doubt, they are adorable. A stay here is for everyone – everyone who misses the calm of nature, who hasn’t been in touch with themselves in a while, anyone who has been wanting to read or write for leisure – just sit by the window with a typewriter and a cup of coffee! This is for the soul in you that you go too hard on sometimes, let it have some rest here.

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Bottom Line

Oh, and they have some delicious food – Perfect, isn’t it?

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