This Place In Punjbai Bagh Offers 25 Types Of Sushi And 24 Types Of Dimsums

Where | 49/43, Studio 4, AKS Complex, Punjabi Bagh

Price For Two | INR 600

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Roaming around Punjabi Bagh, we found a brand new cafe offering a long list of our fave dishes! And it’s quickly becoming one of Delhiites’ fave place to be.


So, Dashi Dimsum & Sushi Bar recently opened in our dear old Punjabi Bagh! And its dreamy atmosphere is already attracting quite a crowd!

In fact, with bright lights, a delicious menu serving 25 types of sushi & 24 types of Dimsums – we know where we’re heading to fill our stomachs.

What To Eat?

Moreover, the prices they charge are so amiably thought of, that it takes care of everyone’s wallet!

But what all can you have here? Their 6 pieces Veg Dimsum plate costs INR 280 – whether that is Crystal Wild Mushroom, Silken Tofu & Bok Choy or Spicy Asparagus.

What Else?

Their 8 pieces Veg Sushi costs INR 440 & 6 pieces Seafood Dimsum costs INR 310! Pretty darn cool, isn’t it?

So, now that you know where we’re headed, how about you?!

Images’ Courtesy | Dashi

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