This New Place Is Serving Delectable Vietnamese Food & We Can’t Keep Calm

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Have you heard the phrase “Trees Speaking Vietnamese”? Well, now you will start speaking Vietnamese too as ‘CHÔ’ is serving an amazing Vietnamese Menu right in the heart of Delhi.


What To Expect

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You can expect an wide-variety of speciality Vietnamese Food and a massive bar menu with some signature cocktails along with a beautiful view of Qutub Minar in the background. Hence, you will enjoy the Spirit Of Vietnam while having the Pride Of Delhi by your side. Or you can enjoy the food by ordering online.


What You’ll Love

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Pho is the most popular and one of the best Vietnamese Food items and the people here are celebrating it in their own way while giving away a treat for your taste buds and not losing the authenticity of the Asian Dishes at the same time.


Bottom Line

If you have a thing for Asian Food or are just cool enough with trying new flavours, go for it!

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Location: CHÔ – Vietnamese Kitchen & Bar, Mehrauli


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