This Mayapuri’s Famous Chhole Kulche Wala Will Surely Make You Drool Over Its Taste! Check It RN!

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You would have surely eaten a lot of Chhole kulchas while wandering in Delhi or going somewhere for work. And Chhole Kulche is a thing which surely works as a Rambaan when you’re getting cravings and can’t find anything around. But if you wanna taste the best Chhole Kulche in Delhi, then you need to head over to this place in Mayapuri!

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What To Expect

Unlike Chhole Kulche from any other place in Delhi, they make their plate with a twist! Yess, by not just adding spices and masala to it, they put a heapfull bucket of tomatoes and onion into it, thus, giving a tadka to the food. It is also told by the owner of this stall that they sell around 50 plates an hour every day, and that’s huge!

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What You’ll Love

You’ll get an unexpected taste which you’ve never tasted before! The onion and tomatoes when mixed with spices give another level of a kick to your tastebuds! At a nominal price, this is the best you can get, the tastiest Chhola with 3 Kulchas!

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Bottom Line

Taste the best that you cannot find anywhere else!


Where | Mayapuri Ke Famous Chhole Kulche

Price For Two | Rs. 100 (approx.)

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