This Magical Rainforest Will Surely Make You Experience As If You Are In A Hollywood Fairytale Movie!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Elimbileri state is a rain forest in the disguise of a resort situated in the city of Gods, Kerala, and offers a fantastic and mystical landscape any Hollywood mythical movie could show. It has a lot to offer than what you can see from the pictures, but the experience here you’ll get here shall be ‘out of the world’!

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What To Expect

The obvious expectation here can be the camping amidst the beautiful enchanted forest completed with the mysterious fog. A small group of people can come here and enjoy the Era of Homosepiens which includes not only campfire but wildlife trail exploration, learning essential survival skills, and most importantly hunting your dinner down.

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What You’ll Love

This place is a heaven to Athletes, Photographers, and adventure loving people. Come here and breathe in the fresh spruce scented air to escape the jungle of buildings and daily dwellings.

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Bottom Line

Enter the lost tribal world and bring your wild-side out!


Where | Elimbileri Estate, Kerala


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