This Little Nook At CP Is The Go-To For An Amazing Hot Chocolate

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Hashery is a cute little cafe at Connaught Place that is perfect for a date-night or a meet-up with a loved one! They have a very sweet menu, and by sweet we mean that the desserts are amazing. This cafe is a must-visit if you need some calm time after a rushed-up day. They call themselves, ‘a little nook that serves warm cuddles in a cup’ and we couldn’t agree more!

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What To Expect?

This cafe is a small place with limited seating but that’s what makes it cozy! They have an elaborate pancake menu and other amazing baked items which also include cookies. The sizzlers are a must-try for when you want something ‘sizzling’ hot. The seats are well-arranged and they have a self-service rule. You must-visit here for a good time and for even better food!

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What You’ll Love?

Hashery is definitely known for the hot chocolate that it serves and the greatest part is that they have made upgrades to their menu! The much loved hot chocolate is now available for delivery as ‘the hot chocolate kit’. Amazing, right? For when you dine-in, you should know that it always feels Christmas in there. With lights and notes, they’ve created a lovely space!

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Bottom Line

Christmasy vibes before Christmas is all we need!

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