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bungee jumping

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Yes you heard us right, for the love of adrenaline rush in you, Indy Jumping now has its foot in Delhi after Goa and Pune. And you need to be super excited about this, we know we are!!

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What To Expect

60 meters of dive down and swinging in the air, a gift to all the seekers of adventure sports in the town itself.

bungee jumping in ncr

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What You’ll Love

There’s so much to love apart from the very idea of Bungee Jumping! The crew that guides you, will take in proper measures and follow the ‘Standing Operating System’. So there’s fun and safety, you guys! What do you think about that?

bungee jumping

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Bottom Line

Get ready to overcome your acrophobia without moving out of the city.


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