This Is The Perfect Place For A Scrumptious ‘Punjabi’ Meal

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North Indian food is like the lifeline of Delhi, there’s nothing that a good plate of chhole bhature or kulcha cannot solve! For all those who relate, this is your kinda place. Punjabistan at Indirapuram has one of the best of the mouth-watering ‘Punjabi’ food for you to try! So if you’re a ‘desi food’ person then head here and you’ll know what we mean.

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What To Expect?

The food here is not only amazing at the taste but also so pocket-friendly that you might just end up over eating. There is proper care that is being taken including regular temperature check and well-sanitized kitchen area. At Punjabistan, the food is flavorsome and the quality is perfect! It is basically what you’d expect from a well made Punjabi cuisine. And if you can’t choose what to get, then try the Thali options!

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What You’ll Love?

The great part is that the flavors are not only good but a lot authentic too! It’s like a North Indian food feast that you will end up loving. They serve their food in Pattal plates which make the experience all the more fun. When you go there, the Chhole Bhature, Bedmi Poori, Bharwa Gol Gappe and Tandoori Chicken are a must-try! Oh, and don’t forget to end the scrumptious meal with Gulab Jamun, on a sweet note.

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Bottom Line

Now you have the one-stop-shop for a fulfilling meal!

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