This Ice Cream Parlour Serves Black Ice Cream Dunked In Oreo Biscuits!

Where | 57, Municipal Market, Connaught Circle, Connaught Place

Price For Two | INR 500

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So, black ice cream is the new rage in town and we’re absolutely lovin’ it! You know what we’re really stoked about though? Creme Borne offers black ice cream with oreo biscuits for toppings! That’s two of our favourites things mixed in one!

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The almost silky texture of the ice cream is only made better with the crunchiness of the Oreo biscuits! And once you’ve had it, there’s surely no going back. In fact, if you look at their menu closely, you’ll notice that these guys also make some really weird [in a good way] smilies on their ice creams! Aren’t you drooling too? 😛

Photo Courtesy | Saloni Sinha

Now, you know what? For toppings, it’s not just the smilies they make. These guys are so cool that they also offer some a variety of other toppings like sprinkles! In fact, if the rumour is true then you can get 2 toppings for FREE!!

So, are you just excited about trying this as we are?

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