This Designer Clothes’ Rental Service Is Giving 10% Off On Their Entire Line!

Where | Upper Ground Floor, Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place

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So, the wedding fever has still not left us! And we’re again looking for something dashing to wear. Sure, the sale might be over at most designers’ stores, but that’s hardly a worry for us! And, if like us, you too are on a tight budget, then hey, we just caught you by surprise. Confused?

So, Rent A Closet in Nehru Place has got to be one of the finest boutiques in Delhi! And their line of gorgeously cut clothes, sewn with zarri and in sync with the latest fashion fads, now we know what love feels like. Moreover, their range of clothes is such a long line of offbeat, rustic and sometimes even mindblowing clothes that we have way too many favourites!

Now, it’s all good to praise a brand selling clothes that are nothing short of love at first sight! But, what if it all came a price far cheaper than what you imagined it to be? *And we’re jumping in joy!*

Rent A Closet is giving 10% off their entire line of the handpicked designer collection!

It couldn’t get any better, now, could it?

Images’ Courtesy | Rent A Closet

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