This Company In Gurgaon Offers Furniture Rental Service At Dirt Cheap Prices

Where | Gurgaon, Haryana

Smallest Monthly Rental | INR 729

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To Rent | Click Here

Are you moving to Gurgaon or Delhi on a low budget? Well, guess what? We found you the craziest thing you could ever imagine! So, you can now rent furniture instead of buying them and we’re telling you how & where!!

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So, Cityfrunish in Gurgaon is probably one of the best companies we have ever come across! In fact, these guys let you rent home & office furniture, electronics & fitness equipment as well. Pretty darn smart & cool, isn’t it?

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Any Deals?

Moreover, if you go to their website, you can rent a 32 inch LED TV for just INR 729/month! Now, that’s what we call MAD DEAL! And if you’re moving to a new place or even renting a house or office space, why go anywhere else?

Paisa Vasool?

Heck yeah!

So, you know, if you live on rent; now, your furniture will too!

Also, you can even rent washing machines, microwaves, beds, gym equipment & what not!

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