This Café At Shimla Will Make Your Trip Even More Beautiful

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For when you are at Shimla, the next time and for those who already are, we have something! Named after the first newspaper publication of the city, Cafe Simla Times is the place to have a good leisure time. You can go on, sip your beer, with the amazing food that this place has!

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What To Expect?

Other than the kitchen, they have a bar and a bakery to make your tastebuds happy. They serve Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, North Indian, Chinese, and Thai. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating and you will only be left happy with the service! The wood-fired oven pizzas, shakes, and desserts are a must-try!

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What You’ll Love?

The terrace seating overlooks the best of Shimla and will definitely make your evening more beautiful! On weekends they have live music, played by local bands from different genres including, Sufi and Himachal. The place has a great ambience with quirky decor and art that captures the must-visits of the city!

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Bottom Line

Here’s to good food and times!

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