This Bookstore At Shadipur Is Everything You’d Want It To Be

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Started by the performance group Jana Natya Manch, this cozy bookstore is named after the day when it was started! May Day Bookstore was meant as a place of their own to hold meetings, practices, and discussions. The great part is that they have an amazing collection of books and memorabilia!

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What To Expect?

This bookstore at Shadipur has titles from new publishers and it is also the only left-wing bookstore in Delhi. The good thing is that they also host workshops, plays, group reading, and a lot more. The impact of theatre enthusiasts and performers can be easily recognized, given that it was started in conjunction with Studio Safdar!

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What You’ll Love?

May Day Bookstore supports local businesses too! Other than that, most books here are second-hand and hence easy on the pocket. It also has a few couches and chairs, for you to sit and take in the vibe of this place! The nearby Kathputli Colony, with residents who are traditional performance artists also receive a space to regularly perform. Really, what is there to not love?

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Bottom Line

You will be left in awe after you visit this bookstore, we promise!

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