This Bakery In Gurgaon Serves Doughnuts, Muffins & Rolls Startin’ INR 35!

Where | Club Patio, E Block, Near NH 8, South City 1

Price For Two | INR 250

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Have you ever come across a place that offers our fave desserts startin’ INR 35? Isn’t that just too good to be true? Seriously though, imagine hogging on Decadent Chocolate Doughnuts, Chocolate Croissants for a meagre 35 bucks!

Loaves & Kisses in Gurgaon is a small bakery in the corner of the club patio. And sure, they may not have a lot of space for you to relax. But that’s really not the concern here, is it? Their doughnuts are created with so much love and perfection that every bite gives mixed emotions.

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Other than their delicious doughnuts, they also serve a host of other desserts and bakes. Famous, of course, are the crunchiest of them all – Chocolate Croissants! Filled with enough chocolate to melt your soul, their croissants are a delight to eat. But don’t forget to try their – Banana n Dark Chocolate muffin, eggless pastries, tarts & pies, Chicken n Herb Pattie among others.

Drooling already? Save it for the time you visit there. ‘Cause it’ll be DELICIOUS!

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