This Art Gallery In Ggn Fosters Budding Talent And Offers Diploma Courses Too!

Where | 1396, Sector 46, Gurgaon

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A big setback for budding artists in Delhi is the lack of centres that teach art. Furthermore, there are fewer centres that showcase the various talents in the city. So, smack in the middle of this problem lies this amazing Art Gallery in town with a two-pronged agenda.

Vimla Gallery of Art in Gurgaon is an art gallery cum teaching centre. The gallery raises awareness to give flight to dreams of making art a career. By celebrating the works of unsung artists, the gallery hosts events for an elite club of art connoisseurs.

Started by Kanchan Mehra, the art gallery is a unique insight into the world of art. While she hosts various events at the gallery, in her free time she takes up classes for those who wish to learn the art of painting. The institution offers a variety of training programs in painting, as well as, applied art & art history.

In fact, the gallery has additional training classes for students preparing for entrance exams of NID, NIFT etc. So, if you’re someone who wishes to prep for these exams or willing to exhibit your work – you know where to go! 🙂

Images’ Courtesy | Vimla Art Gallery

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