This Art Exhibition Is The True Mirror Of Our Society And You Need To Check It Out TODAY!


Calling out all the art lovers! Biswajit Das’s The Indian Circus Art Exhibition is on in the city until April 26th and you need to check it out ASAP!

For the past few years, artist Biswajit Das had been working on a series of artwork and has named it “The Indian Circus”.
As the name suggests, the theme of this series puts forth the myriad dichotomies of our Indian society, all-encompassing societal, cultural, and political milieu of India.
Like his previous series, he has made an attempt to put forth the idea of India and Indianness, in the manner that he has perceived, felt, and lived it!
So, if you are an art enthusiast then you’ve got to check out this amazing representation of India, that is The India Circus by Biswajit Das!
When | Till 26th April
Where | Aifacs Gallery, 1, Ragi Marg
Timings | 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Cover Image Courtesy | Source
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