This Amazing Cafe Opened Up In GK-2 And Their Mouthwatering Pizzas Are To Die For

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Ambra Cafe is the newest addition to the huge range of cafes that GK-2 has. It is not only beautiful looking but has a delicious selection of pizzas and coffee on the menu! 

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What To Expect

With a double-sided amphitheatre that merges the outdoor and indoor spaces you’d stop stare at how beautiful this cafe looks. And, if you’re about everything Italian then this would be your go to place.

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What You’ll Love

All of their pizzas, the Margherita Pizza or Pizza Bianco savour the taste of fresh mozzarella, the hand rolled dough simultaneously enjoying the crisp crust and tangy sauce. The bruschetta is equally enticing so are the Panini Sandwiches and Risotto.

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Bottom Line | If you’re craving for delicious Italian Food this is the place is a go to.

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