This Airbnb In Jaipur Has Tree House, Open-Air Theatre And Garden Jacuzzi!

Where | Muhana Road, Near Teja Temple, Jaipur

Price | INR 9,174/night

Book Your Room | Here

Brrrr…The winter cold is driving us nuts and we cannot bear another month of the kdake¬†vali thand! We found a beautiful villa in Jaipur, attracting crowds like migratory birds to its beautiful heart. Built with a jacuzzi, tree house, music room and 2 gorgeous bedrooms!

The beautiful villa offers open-air movie screenings that sound like the best couples getaway this winter! In fact, furnished with some amazing couches and sharing a glass of wine – what we have coming up for you will DEFO make you hit that book now button, rn!

We all love the clear sky of Jaipur and this tree house is giving us some major astronomy feels! Equipped with a telescope and offering a cute little balcony – sharing a night together with the stars is rightfully the craziest and most romantic thing you could ever do!

With tastefully furnished rooms, the homestay offers a Gazebo, Windmill, Camping Tent and a small shooting range!

In fact, one of the best things that we loved about the place was the garden Jacuzzi. Yes, you heard it right! Imagine soaking up the sun or taking a bath in the Jacuzzi under the stars. So, doesn’t it sound like a crazy plan?

So, are you booking your rooms or not? Or do you want us to gloat more? ‘Cause, trust us, no other place will offer you such amenities at such great prices!

Images’ Courtesy | Airbnb

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