This Adventure Park Offers A Shooting Range, Commando Rope And More

Where | Village Kablana, 9 Miles Stone, Jhajjar

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You remember those days when carnivals in Delhi used to have a small shooting range? And how excited we all would get to try our hand at it?

Well, bringing back that excitement & pleasure of holding a rifle has come back to Delhi. Only, on a much larger scale! In fact, Joygaon also offers other adventure activities that will remind every 90’s kids of their childhood. Feel the excitement?

So, the thing to remember about Joygaon is that it’s not just for the kids! Anybody with a need to feed off the adrenaline rush can have the time of his/her life here.

Moreover, these guys offer tyre bridges, hanging tyres, commando nets, net climbing, wall climbing, rappelling and more! Basically, everything that you’ll need to feel the rush!

Ps. these guys also offer the simpler things in life like snooker & carrom tables!

So, don’t just head here alone, take your entire gang!

Images’ Courtesy | Joygaon

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