This 36 Inch Naan Is The Biggest Naan You’ll Ever Eat In Your Life

Where | Bukhara, ITC Maurya

One of the key highlights of ITC Maurya’s famous Bukhara is its mind-blowing Naan!

Created in such a way that it covers an entire table, the naan is a delicious affair. In fact, the naan is not just famous among foodies in Delhi but also a hit with celebrities!

The naan is a beautiful mix of flour, oil, milk & leavening agent that help create a naan 8 times bigger than the usual. Moreover, the naan is a whopping 36 inches big & costs about INR 1,600.

Dubbed the Naan Bukhara, it is made in a tandoor & pairs perfectly with the Daal Bukhara!

So, the next time you want your palate to go MAD, head to ITC Maurya!

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