Think Planty & Make These Little Potted Plants Your Go-To Gift For Anyone & Everyone!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Gift wraps, photo frames, a bar of chocolate – materialistic gifts have become outdated, thoughtless and basically just what you’d get if you had to grab something just for the sake of it. Pretty dull, if you ask us. Think Planty has become that new-age gift which is great for the closest of friends, a partner that you love or perhaps, for yourself!


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What To Expect?

These little gardens, beautiful little plants come packed equally pretty. They are literally making gifting sustainable and eco-friendly! All you have to do is find the planty for you (or the one you are sending it to), choose a packaging and add your greetings if you need to. From Diwali to Birthdays, this makes for an adorable personalised gift that equally thoughtful!

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What You’ll Love?

Their easy to use interface is pretty simple to understand, the process is even simpler. Their gardens have a sufficient variety as well,  from a tiny little one to a big pack of three. Additionally, the maintenance is not hefty at all! Who knew gifting could be this thoughtful? Well, planty did.

plants from think planty

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Bottom Line

Check them out here and get/gift a garden now!

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