Think Big, Think WeWork! Gurgaon Takes Another Leap In CoWorking Spaces

Where | WeWork Bristol Chowk, Platina Tower, Gurugram

So, the world has recently seen a huge paradigm shift. Companies are either transforming their operations or slowly turning to co-working spaces to cut costs.

And this is where WeWork comes into the picture. They recently opened a new co-working space in Gurgaon & it looks well worth every penny that you spend!

Spread in a lavish fashion, the co-working space is a delight to sour eyes. In fact, with fun pops of whacky colours, small cubicles & an enchanting view – fresh, better & amazing ideas are bound to head on over!

Moreover, WeWork also offers a small pantry section; because let’s face it, your brain also needs its fuel.

So, the next time you find yourself looking for a great co-working space, look nowhere else!

Ps. here are a few more photos, so you know what to expect at the new co-working space!

Excited much?

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