These Are The 5 Must Have Street Foods Of Delhi You Should Have At-least Once!

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Delhi is full of delicious and mouth-watering street food. But among many, there are some of them which you can’t afford to miss and among all of them, we’re suggesting these 5 options that you must eat if you’re wandering on the streets of Dilli.


1. Burger

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The place is entirely famous for its kinds of burger. You can come across over 100 varieties of chicken and veg juicy burgers with kinds of sauces and patty.

Where |, Moti Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 100 (approx.)


2. Nutri Kulcha

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A unique kind of Kulcha is served at this place. SFC provides a kind of bheega kulcha in their gravy and provide soybean balls rather than chole with it.

Where | SFC Soya Chaap, Shalimar Bagh

Price For Two | Rs. 400 (approx.)


3. Chhole Kulche

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Who doesn’t know this hidden gem in Mayapuri? And if you’re among those, then you need to taste this chole kulche plate which has it’s own kind of serving and tastes like nowhere!

Where | Mayapuri Industrial Area 2

Price For Two | Rs. 120 (approx.)


4. Dosa

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Muttu is primarily famous for its Dosa and south Indian cuisine. If you’re planning to dine in here, do not forget to have Mysor Masala Dosa and their Vada Sambar which tastes really amazing.

Where | Muttu South Indian Anna, Amar Colony

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


5. Maggi

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The perfect and favourite place of every DU student to end up their hunger pangas! Tom uncle serves around 70 varieties of Maggi and will make your tastebuds and tummy both happy!

Where | Tom Uncle Maggi Point, GTB Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 200 (approx.)


Bottom Line

You’re a partner in Sin if you’re missing these best food in town!


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