These 6 Places Deliver Delicious Ice-Creams At Your Doorsteps!

What else do we need in life apart from sitting in our PJ’s, binge watching our favourite show on Netflix, and a whole bucket of ice-cream to yourself?!

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Here’s a list of the best places to get ice cream delivered to your doorstep from.

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With Naturals starting delivery right after opening up, there’s no way we’re running out of Sitaphal or tender coconut ice cream, ever again!

 Classic Ice-Cream Parlour
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This one is a hot favourite in East Delhi and is open to midnight. So, whether you are binge watching something or having a slumber party, your ice cream cravings are taken care of.

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One of the oldest ice cream parlours of the Capital, this place delivers boxes of their frozen desserts in all major parts of Delhi. You can order a Brownie Sundae as well!

 Oh So Stoned
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If boozy ice cream is your thing then Oh So Stoned! should be on your speed dial. Top your favourite ice cream with their Rum-Chocolate Sauce or Whiskey Caramel sauce or if you are looking for a sugar-high.

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EMOI – short for emotions – is the first of its kind ice cream tuk-tuk chain in the country! If you are a cat lover order in their Mangonomnom and dog lovers can try their Pawfee.

The Funnel Creamery
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We have already told you about this cutesy ice cream parlour serving black ice cream and funnel cones. The best part, however, is that you don’t need to travel for this ice cream, the ice cream will come to you.

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