These 5 Things Are The Reason Why INA Market Should Be in Your List At Least Once!

Know It All in 30 Seconds

Two things that every Delhite just knows of by default – Dilli Haat and INA; But the latter is mostly only known on the surface level. INA Market is for the ones intrigued by the diversity of cuisines, foods and cultures, but regardless of what you feel about trying different cuisine – if in Delhi, it is to be visited at least once. Confused what to buy? we got you covered!

1.The Noodles, Obviously: Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese – Everything

Their collection of ramyun and instant noodles can steal your heart! To challenge your taste uds to death, try the 2x Samyang Ramen and if you like it cheesy, the Samyang Carbonara is perfect, want it warm and soupy? get the Shin Ramyun! You’ll easily find some good cheap chopsticks too.

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2. Imported Snacks and Dry Fruits

From American Flaming Hot Cheetos to Korean Tteokbokki to Mexican Takis to delicious Toblerones, even Dry Fruits – they have it all, you just gotta look.

Man in a shop of dry fruits

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3. The Seafood

If you are a fan of trying all kinds of seafood – this place is heavenly. CR Park is great, but this place homes exotic items like Squid as well.

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4. The Range Of Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

Shitake Mushrooms, Avocados, Napa Cabbage, Dragon Fruit and so much more, I can’t fit it in here but the collection is HUGE.

display of exotic vegetables and fruits

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5. Butchery Shops For the Hardcore Meat Lovers!

This ain’t for the faint-hearted, the visuals are a bit disturbing for it’s all freshly butchered but the quality is equally reassuring – from pork to lamb – you look for it, you get it.

a lane full of butchery shops

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Bottom Line

Oh, and if in luck, you might as well bargain a bit!

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