These 5 Delhi-Based Kitchens Brings Restaurant Dining Right To Your Doorsteps!

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Perhaps, the one positive thing that came out of this terrifying pandemic was the rise in food delivery services – from world cuisines to lucknowi kebabs, everything a click away – the future is here and cloud kitchens are a testament to that! From the experience of dining in style at the comfort of your home to lip-smacking deliciousness of cuisines apart, these 5 are among the best.

1. Azuma Kara Asian Kitchen

Around South Delhi and in need of a warm winter lunch? a bowl of their delicious ramen is just right! Their menu is vast and worth every single penny.

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Satay with Peanut Sauce on a white plate garnished with a lemon

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2. Bhai G

This cloud kitchen is full desi and prides itself for its delicious Chinese and Mughal preparations – rightly so!

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3. Pot Pot

Ordering from here is always a good choice – why? well, fantastic sustainable packaging that makes you want to never throw the packet away and quality food that is quirky, desi, fusion and delicious. Their Miso Masala Fish and Paani Potasha are one of its kind!

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Gol Gappa in beautiful packaging and jars served with different chutneys and fillings

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4. Hearth&I

Hearth&I is more than a NCR delivery service – it packs a class dining experience instead of simply food – the joy of assembling the ingredients and plating your dish is all yours! With a diverse range of menu, their barbecues, world cuisines and fondue kits are only a few of the incredible things!

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mixed mushroom ravioli made with portobello, porcini, morels and truffle with parmesan sauce made with onion, morels and butter

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5. Eshika Nayyar’s Haashi

Another Asian one on the block and it is yum! This West Delhi Kitchen specialises in Yunnan Cuisine and their Dan Dan Noodles make you salivate merely by looking at its picture.

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Bottom Line

delicious food and home sweet home equals a perfect day!

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