These 5 Apps Will Let You Watch Your Favourite Movie With Your Loved One From Long Distance!

watch movies together online from long distance

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This pandemic made us miss those moments when we used to went to see the movie with our special someone or just share popcorn with each other and have a perfect time. Still, after everything’s getting back on track, there are people who can’t lice this moment and are still stuck in their homes. Well, worry not as these 5 best websites will let you binge-watch your favourite series with your friends and family all together at once!


1. Watch2Gether


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Watching a movie together has now become much easier than before as this website lets you do this in comfort. Unlike other video streaming apps, you don’t need to sign up to watch movies here. Just put your nickname, create a room, add your friends, and start streaming your favourite movie! That’s easy it is.

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2. Gaze

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If you’re a fan of Youtube and want to steam your favourite youtube video only with your someone special then this website is for you. Now stream your favourite Youtube video seamlessly with your partner or friend with this app as this allows you to stream with one person only!

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3. Kast

Image Source was a video streaming app launched in 2014 and now has been renamed as KAST. It is another kind of lice streaming website that is available on MAC, Windows, IOS, and Android so that people can stream seamlessly without any hurdle of device.

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4. Sync Video

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If you want some privacy while streaming video with your friends and family, then this website is definitely for you as it allows you to keep your room public or private according to your preference. You just need to put your Nickname and just get started!

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5. Two Seven

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Two Seven is a media streaming website was made by an Indian Couple during pandemic where you can not only stream videos from different platforms but also share videos that are saved in your hard disk. Just sign up and start streaming with your friend and seize every moment while being at a different home.

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Bottom Line

Now the distance won’t bother much!


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