There’s Nothing Like A Good Laugh: 8 Comedy Specials That Are A Must-Watch

Know It All In 30 Seconds

We need to laugh a lot to get through our mundane routines. To help you with that, we have just the thing! Here’s a list of Comedy Specials that will not only leave you with a smile but also make you think!

1. Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

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We all love Ellen, don’t we? So this is just a cherry on top of the cake for all the fans. Her show is an amazing get-away from our mundane lives and to watch her with the comical tales is amazing! This stand-up is all about her childhood and rise to fame.

IMDb| 6.5

2. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

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She’s powerful and amazing! Her comedy special focuses on her life, which has been a juggling game between, family, career, and family. So get to watching this and you will not regret it!

IMDb| 7.4

3. Zakir Khan: Haq Se Single

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There’s no way that you don’t know about him, even if you haven’t watched his sets. So, this special is your chance to hear him out and we promise that it will leave you in spills!

IMDb| 8.6

4. Kanan Gill: Keep It Real

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This is a must watch because it will be relatable! Kanan Gill effortlessly puts situations that have happened with all of us, in ways that we didn’t see. It’s sure to leave a smile.

IMDb| 8.1

5. Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

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She brings up all the rage and strength in her comedy special. Her wit is the best kind and there’s no thinking twice about it. Watch this to get to know your society and laugh over it!

IMDb| 8.3

6.  Sumukhi Suresh: Don’t Tell Amma

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She is funny and how. This comedy special is about the growing up with a strict Tamil mom. There’s also a lot to relate to if you’re a woman so give it a go!

IMDb| 5.1

7. Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

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This special is different from what he always does! With stories from his life and things that he regrets doing, everything will make you laugh. He has a great timing and you’ll thank us!

IMDb| 7.5

8.  Biswa Kalyan Rath: Biswa Mast Aadmi

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He always leaves us wanting more when tells a story! This comedy special is everything that he does with a lot of references from his own life. So, we say that you need to check it out!

IMDb| 8.4

Bottom Line

Watch them till your jaw hurts!



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