There’s A Whopping 30% Discount On Diamond Jewellery At This Store In Malaviya Nagar!

Where | Shop No-2, New Market, Malviya Nagar

When | Until 20th February

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The Great Indian Wedding Festival is back in town and we’re falling in love with all the discounts here! And it’s not just the 30% off on all diamond jewellery that’s driving us nuts, it’s also the collection. And if you’re getting married anytime soon or hoarding for the wedding rn, then head to Maliksons rn!!

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So, the reason we’re so freakin’ excited about this festival is that it’s not just about diamond jewellery. The discount offers that Maniksons is giving is also for gold jewellery, kundan & polki! Pretty crazy, right?

In fact, the diamonds have been cut with such finesse that falling in love with them would be an understatement. Know why? ‘Cause the infectious cut, design and shine of the diamond is an absolute bomb!

So, again, if you’re getting hitched or planning on hoarding jewellery, do it RN!

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